This site is dedicated to the millions of people suffering from back pain with little or no real solutions…including one of my closest friends. 

His doctors only wanted to give him drugs to mask the pain. 

Surgeons wanted to slice him open to perform dangerous surgeries without any guarantee of success. 

His physical therapist tortured him with painful exercises that either didn’t work or made his back hurt worse. 

He even paid a chiropractor out of pocket, only to figure out those treatments weren’t helping either. 

In fact, this was my primary motivation for learning as much as I could about back pain… 

You see…I wish I knew then what I know now. Maybe then, my friend BD wouldn’t be disabled and unable to work. 

So, to help ensure this same thing doesn’t happen to you or someone you love, I created this valuable and free resource. I hope you find it to be helpful in understanding and treating back pain naturally…without the use of drugs or surgery. The information and advice on this site is the BEST I know from years of research and personal experience. 

My goal is to empower you with the knowledge of how to get a healthy back so you can reduce your pain, heal your back naturally and most importantly, allow you to live the high quality, active life you deserve! 

Wishing you health and happiness, 

More about me… 

Pete GenotMy name is Pete Genot, and I am the Founder and Editor of The Healthy Minute…a free on-line newsletter publishing the latest breakthroughs in the health industry. 

My friends and family refer to me as their personal “Health Advocate,” which just means I work to promote and improve health and wellness. My primary emphasis is on maintaining optimal health through a balance of nutrition, exercise and personal growth. 

Although I am a former college football player, hold both Bachelors and Masters Degrees from The University of Toledo, and have nearly 25 years of health and fitness experience, that is not why I created The Healthy Minute. 

This idea was launched in February 2009 after I was blessed with a second chance – I survived a serious motorcycle accident. Here’s a picture of the helmet that saved my life… 

After several months of recovering from my injuries, I dedicated my life to helping others achieve optimal health through The Healthy Minute website. 

As Editor of The Healthy Minute, I strive to provide the finest research, content and products to help busy people live better lives.  My goal is to provide readers with practical steps to becoming healthier, stronger, more balanced and functionally younger in the years to come. 

It is my sincere hope that the advice I provide will make a positive difference in your life or the life of someone you love. 

I currently live in Sylvania, OH, with my wife and 5 children…and YES, I do still ride my motorcycle. 

Pete Genot on 2003 Harley Davidson Motorcycle

On my 2003 Harley-Davidson Softail

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